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just a try to add more feature's to x64dbg script system
History Section:
- version 2.0:
1-all numbers are hex numbers.
2-more nested in arguments.
3-Build bridge to make plugin system Compatible with x64dbg script system.
4-create parallel Functions to x64dbg Functions, like ( cmp >> cmpx ).
5-rename new name (Varx Getx Setx) and fix array index entry.
6-add VarxClear ( clear all variable to help user in test's ) , memdump with print style.
- version 1.6:
1- add Parser system to recognize arguments.
2- begin build Script system.
3- add more Helper Functions.
- version 1.4:
1- make StrCompx in separate Thread and add Sleep time to wait x64dbg to finish process.
2- Fix Hex2duint function add length check in case it less than 2 .
- version 1.3:
1- Add another argument to cbLogxJustAtBP for printing on LogxWindow.
2- now it accept bool argument like this (true/false-on/off-1/0).
3- add StrComp_BP function for compare string in memory at BP.
4- compiled x32.

Source Code:
[color=rgb(255, 0, 0) !important]

If you find it useful please let me know, and if you want to add more feature's please leave a both x86 and x64
AdvancedScriptjust a try to add more feature's to x64dbg script system

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